How StackOverflow and GitHub helps to get software developer work from home and find entry level jobs

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Do you want a good hike in your appraisal? Or Are you looking for software developer work from home?

If answer is yes for any question then this article is for you.

GitHub and StackOverflow are the top communities of programmers. These became must-have platforms for every software developer who areĀ  looking for work from home . Having a good profile over there helps to get software developer work from home or find entry level IT jobs or even having a good reputation over there will help you to switch on a highly paid programming job.

What is Stackoverflow

Did you ever stick in programming while you are coding?

Don’t worry nobody writes perfect codes in one shot, there is a lot to learn on every day, on every stage.

When you stuck in anything the first thing you do is searching on the search engine, I do on the search on google.

Most of the time when I search a coding problem I usually get the on top of the search. I am sure you will also see StackOverflow on top if your question is related to programming.

StackOverflow is the largest community of the programmers where a programmer ask questions over there and other experts who know the solution gives the answer.

A very popular quote in Hindi “Ghyan baantne se badta hai – to fir banto” [The knowledge increases when you share it with someone]. Communities such as StackOverflow and GitHub are the best places where you can learn from others and can share your knowledge with the community.

The original asker of the question selects the answer which solves his problem. The person whose answer got selected will earn some points and badge on StackOverflow.

Thus, a person can earn points on StackOverflow by answering the questions, and as the points increase that built your reputation over there.

Tips to get a good reputation on StackOverflow

#1. Subscribe only for selected skills (tags)

Skills in which you are expert or interested to learn. Like I am subscribed for HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, and ReactJS

#2. Write quality answer and be the first if possible

If you are first to answer then possibility increases to see your answer by asker but getting selected by asker will totally depend on the quality solution you provided. So do not post the answer just to be first, try to write an answer that solves the problem of the asker.

Its ok if you are not first to write an answer, It’s important to write the quality answer. Having a wrong answer might downvote you.

#3 Edit the answer to make it perfect
You have 5 minutes to edit the answer after posting so take benefit of this and update your answer to increase its quality.

#4. Keep open the new question list page

Keep open the new question list page in your browser tab so you can see and answer the question as early as possible.

#5. Ask good questions

Do not ask the question as soon as you stuck somewhere in the code, you must do a search on StackOverflow or google to find out the answer. Ask a question only if you could not find the answer. Asking the basic question which is already asked by someone else might cause downvote for your question.

How does reputation on StackOverflow can help you to get software developer work from home and find entry level jobs?

#1. If you are a freelancer and looking for remote it jobs

The StackOverflow is a very good platform to get a remote IT job, StackOverflow has a section where businesses can post the jobs and programmers can apply for the job.

The reputation of your StackOverflow profile helps you to get shortlisted for interview.
Even sometimes you can receive the invitation for the interview without applying for the job. The recruiter filter outs the profiles based on StackOverflow reputations.

Your skills are more important as the company will select you only after having few rounds of interviews.

#2. If you are looking for a job in a company

If you are looking for a coding job, you must mention the StackOverflow profile URL in your resume, in the cover letter, and in the email signature.

If it’s your first job then the importance of the StackOverflow profile increases. Becuase it will show that you are active in learning of skills.

The interviewer can look at your questions and answers you have posted on StackOverflow.

What is Github and how it helps to get top paying remote jobs?

Github is the place where you can host your code and show this to others. You are in learning stage so you might be writing new code every day. Create a repository on GitHub and share your code over there.

To share the code on GitHub you must know what is Git? I assume you have knowledge of version control tool git.

Lets read about some basic and important features of GitHub

#1. What is Github repository?

The Github repository is a kind of folder where you can store all the files of your code. Every project should be a repository.

Once a repository created, you would have a URL of repository and that you can clone on your local system using the command of Git.

#2 Fork a repo

You can find out many public opensource repositories on GitHub, let’s say you are learning PHP and you find some interesting code in a repository A.

You want to do some experiments in the code or would like to enhance the code then you must have to take rights to write the code in that repository.

To take rights of writing code, you will have to fork the repo and then contribute your code in the newly created forked repo.

If original repo gets updated by new code then you easily can get these updates in your repo.

Ok, so let’s assume you find out the repo where you want to contribute your code, you forked it, cloned it on your local development environment, written some code and pushed to your forked repo.

Now, you want to send your code in the original repository so you would request to the developer of the original repository to review your code and merge it in original repo.

That review and merge request called Pull request.

#3. Pull request

You completed your work on the forked repository and tested it. You think it is worth to update the original repo with your code. You can not directly push your code in original repo.

Why can you not push in the original repo? imagine, you are working on your repo and someone pushed his code in your repository that broke your current code, would you like it?
No, no one like this and it’s not a right approach.

What is right approach then?

You are the owner of repo so you have the rights that whose code can comes to your repository. So another developer who forked your repo can create a pull request for the changes he made and then you as the owner of original repo will review the code and then merge that code in your repo.

So you have a basic idea what is GitHub, now you might have a question “how it can help you to start your job or grow yourself.”

how it can help you to start your remote it job or grow yourself.

Here are some of the benefits of GitHub

#1. Recruiters look on GitHub

Recruiters look on GitHub and send emails for job openings, so if you are having a repository of ReactJs and someone looking the ReactJs programmer then you might receive an invitation for the interview.

#2. Github profile shows that you know the technology, programming.

You must mention the URL of your GitHub profile into your resume, that will make a positive image of yours in front of interviewer if you did a contribution on Github.

At least it would show that you have the working knowledge of GIT that is kind of must-have tool in software development.

#3. Github is the showcase of your code, so the interviewer can see how good and clean you write code.

#4. That shows that you at least have knowledge of GIT.

GIT is something on which every programmer works, doesn’t matter what programming language or framework he uses.

Its a version controlling system of your code.

#5. You are learning from open source community, so giving back to the community always gives a good feel.

You must create StackOverflow and GitHub profile and actively participate over there. That will not only help to get a job even will help to be a better programmer.