How did I get my first Job after college.

first job after college

Finding your first job after college itself is a full-time job especially when you did not get placed in college placement. Here is my story “how did I get my first job”.

I completed my masters in IT from Sikkim Manipal University from distance education so I had no opportunity for college placement.

Before telling how did I get my first job, let me tell you a little background about me.

I completed my schooling from Govt. School of my village in Rajasthan. Completed my graduation in maths from Govt college of nearest town from my village.

I came to Jaipur to do MCA from Rajasthan university but did M.Sc(IT) from an institute which was affiliated from SMU. I am not even fluent at English today but those days it was a nightmare.

Back to the point

After completing the M.Sc, I was completely zero how to find a job. It was the time of 2004 and we have very limited availability of internet. We had to go to the cyber cafe to use the internet which is almost disappeared now.

I even do not know that there are job placement services. I only knew newspaper ads and it was my schedule to look the classified section regularly for many weeks but never found a job posting for programmer over there.

Somehow, I prepared a list of IT companies in Jaipur and sent my resume to all of them but did not get any call back for the interview.

5 months have been passed and I could not even manage to attend a single interview. Then I thought Jaipur does not have much scope for IT jobs so I decided to go Dehli.

I stayed in Chandni Chowk with my Uncle which is a most rushed area of Dehli. My uncle was working in a jewelry shop so he does not know anything about IT but still, he managed to find out that there are some job placement agencies in Nehru place.

The next day, I went to Nehru place and did paid registration in 3 agencies, spent around Rs. 1200. I did not receive any call until I visited them 3-4 times. I have given 3 interviews in 15 days and got the rejection in all.

I met one of my relative who was working in an MNC in hope that he can help me to get my first job but there I realized that I should have to do my engineering from a reputed college and I was not even from regular college.

I still have a strong thought that I am good at programming. I made a couple of small demo project in ASP, taught C++ to my juniors in the institute where I did M.Sc(IT).

I met some of the other stragglers who are finding jobs like me, met with some experienced people too. Someone from them suggested to do an internship and do not expect money during that period. So I again sent email to my old list of IT companies which I made while I was in Jaipur, changed the cover letter and specially mentioned that I am looking for the internship. Sent the same email to all my classmates, seniors whom I knew.

Back to home
I back to Jaipur after spending a month in Dehli.

I was so depressed, could not find the way to start my career. I started giving the interview for call centers or for other profiles like sales, operations. I was so desperate to get the job.

After a couple of weeks, I received a call from one of my friends, his company was looking for a few interns in digital marketing. Although I wanted to be the programmer I started as a web promotion executive(SEO).

So finally, I find my first job as an intern with a little stipend although it was in digital marketing.

I was fortunate enough that I got the job in digital marketing which was not programming but not completely off from that.

I keep studying programming and after 3 months I managed to switch my job as a programmer.


1. Start thinking early about the career, my friend who finally help me to find my first job was my junior but he usually doing some part-time job while we are in college.
2. Acquired skills
3. Find a mentor
4. Do internship

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