How to start your career in computer engineering (For students only)

start career computer engineering

Many of my known who completed engineering or pursuing last semester asked me “How to get a job as fresher in computer science”. Some of them tried but got the rejection and saying “sabhi log experience maangte hai, experience wala bhi to kabhi na kabhi fresher hi thha“[Translation: everybody asks experience, wasn’t experience fresher someday].

In our startup we almost are short for interns, we look for freshers but could not fill the open positions. We are right now looking interns for digital marketing. Its unfortunate that 90% of person even do not know what they have to do in digital marketing, they even do not know what is SEO, what is blogging, what does google analytics do.

How do you expect job without the basics? Many of them said “I am a fast learner, give us training of few weeks and I will learn” – No dude, you must have to know basics, training can be given for advance things. You have to prepare yourself to get selected.

That’s the truth many of the skilled are unemployed. Well, I will correct myself not skilled but a lot of degree holders are unemployed.

The syllabus of colleges is usually out of date. Technology changing so fast, if they update the syllabus of engineering, by the time it might go out of date. The students (who get the placement at the time of college or others who starts their career easily) are not the success because of the traditional education system, they got success because they use other sources to make them competitive.

Be with me…In this article, I would try to mention those areas which can help you to be competitive.

I learned a lot from my mistakes. I am writing few points that I feel I would have done in my initial stage. See how did I get my first job.

#There is never late to start but start early is always a good idea

A newbie students who just entered the college always have a lot of dreams, especially if they watched the “Student of the year” movie. You must have fun, go for parties, picnic, make new friends in your college life as these days will never back.

These days will never back – so it’s important to give good weight to your career goal. So work full time on skill gathering and part-time on fun, masti etc.

1st year of graduation is most crucial If you did not figure out your interest so far so its time to find an area of interest in computer science.

#Tips to start entry level programming job

entry level job in computer engineering
It’s great if you decided to be a programmer, the most important that you decided it early so you have a good amount of time to acquire programming skills.

Things to do:

1. Start learning c++

To understand basics of programming, you can decide later to move in any other programming language but I would recommend starting with C++ to understand the basics of programming & object oriented programming.

2. Write code every day:

Coding is a fun if you take it like a game.

You are going to be a coder drink it, sleep it, enjoy it and make a habit to write code every day.

3. Open an account on

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers and you are going to be that. Subscribe for your favorite programming language. You must have a lot of questions as you just started programming so ask questions over there. You can expect the answer in few minutes as the community has a good amount of active members. Once you are familiar and learn something then you must start answering the question to help others. You receive badges on every answer you give if that is accepted by the person who asked the question.

Having a good profile on stackoverflow adds a great value in your resume. That show how enthusiast you are for programming and of course you would earn a great knowledge if you answer the question as you have to place good effort to answer the questions.

4. – can help you to find out answers to your many questions.

You must ask only programming related questions on stackoverflow, if the question is not related to programming then you would get a negative remark over there.

There is another platform where you can ask the basic question like about your career or other interest.

A programmer does not mean that you only be a programmer. I am sure you would have a second crush (second because first is always programming like I have) in something else like sports, politics, business, entrepreneurship etc.

It would be a fun to have an account on Quora, you can choose off topics over there like sports, politics and can read a good knowledgeable question and answers over there.

4. Github: open account on github

Github is the world largest community of programmers to discover, host and share the code. There are many opensource projects hosted over there, Find some of the projects according to your interest and start participating in coding.

Download some simple projects, libraries and study their codebase

See, it’s always a good idea to work in a team, and if you are 2 or more friends working to build something, so how you all will work on the same codebase. What if 2 have to work on the same file. Here Git comes in the role. You can learn more about how to get started with git here.

5. Create an account on coding challenges websites

You must test yourself time to time and the coding challenge portals are best to do that. Some of these are here – The 10 Best Coding Challenge Websites for 2018. You can see top 10 coding challenge website list and start with anyone of them. Few of my favorites are hackerrank, codility.

Once you get a rank over there it becomes another value-added thing in your resume and helps you a lot into getting shortlisted.

6. Buy online courses

To learn advance of programming you can invest some amount in good authors and tutors.

7. Do an internship on vacation time

I will highly recommend for internship whenever you get a chance. You should first try to get the internship in the area of interest but if you are in early years of your degree and you are not able to manage it then its ok to do the internship in digital marketing or any other IT stream.

The major benefit of the internship is that you get a chance to make some friends, mentor in the same field in which you are going to make your career. Never hesitate in discussion with them, it’s ok if you ask a very basic question as you are a newbie in this field. The important is that you ask the questions. You will learn things early if you ask questions.

Some of the best sites to apply for internships in India

8. Join hackathons


Take challenges, join hackathons. You must join hackathons if there is any happening surround you or on any website. Show your coding, entrepreneur skills and get some confidence to move ahead.

Have fun, have coding.

#Start your career as a creative designer

If you love drawing, painting, colors and do not enjoy programming then you might want to work as a creative designer. If you want to be a designer then I would suggest going for graduation in visual arts or similar design degree/certification instead of doing graduation in computer science.

1. Learn design tools like photoshop

Adobe photoshop is the most popular tool for designing.

2. Think and act like a designer. Make the drawing, painting every day

Learning the tool does not make you a designer, you must have to think, act like a creative designer.

3. Read inspirational blogs

Every designer needs inspiration. Some from nature, others from reading, watching other creative people. You can find a lot of material on the internet. Do research and find out some top creative inspirational blogs and start reading those every day.

4. Follow like-minded people on social media

5. Show your work on the public platform like Behance, Dribble, Instagram etc

6. Practice, Practice, practice

7. Buy online courses if needed some of the best design course providers

8. Do an internship in vacation

#Start your career in digital marketing

“It’s hard to find things, that cannot be sold online” – Jeff Bejos[founder of Amazon]

The above sentence shows how vast opportunity digital marketing has. In my graduation, I thought sales & marketing is just for whom who talks a lot, who extrovert in nature, who even speaks the lie, good in English etc.

But now I strongly believe that these are myth especially in the case of digital marketing. It’s ok if you are having introvert nature, its ok if you do not talk a lot, no need of lie even it will get you in worse condition. In digital marketing; you hardly have to do face to face meeting with customers. Instead of talking a lot, digital marketing needs writing a lot.

“Content is king in digital marketing”

“Stop selling, start helping “

As a beginner, how do you prepare yourself for digital marketing?

1. Read read read

Reading is the first thing if you want to learn anything. Start reading about digital marketing on blogs, books.

2. Join the relevant groups on social media

Start participation by asking questions and responding answers

3. Write blog

Select your favorite topic and start writing your blog. You can write about sport, health, movies, gadgets, travel etc. There are 100 of the topic on which you can start writing.

You can take a  free blog course,  it was very useful for me, Its written by Jon Snomez – one of my favorite blogger.

4. Start promoting your blog on social media

5. Learn google analytics

6. Take certification in Google AdWords

7. Read quora, medium,neilpatel etc

#Hardware & network admin and server administrator

Another interesting career options if you love to do the operation of a machine.

#Become an entrepreneur

Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey bin, Bill gates, there is a long list of the successful entrepreneur who started their business in student life. Even some of are who dropped the college in mid.

You do not need to wait to complete the graduation to start your own startup.

1. Evaluate your skills

2. Select an idea

3. Make a team

4. Study the competition

5. Make a business plan

6. Find mentors

7. Join startup communities

8. Make it your first love and rock it

Hope this article will help you, feel free to comment to have further discussion.